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The SyrenPro marks an emergence of iLuv, thru Bluetooth speakers

With a reference to reviews on the Syren, and the ChargeKey, we are reminded of the power inside a smartphone; for much of the advancing technology products are running through them. The smart home, as illustrated by Nexia’s Home Intelligence System, and the complete family entertainment system, per the Snakebyte Vyper, are good examples, showing the association between mobile devices and new tech gadgets. In this backdrop, iLuv introduces us to the SyrenPro

The SyrenPro unfolds and sweetens the sound
Photo by Keith McFarland
Listening pleasure and sound effects
Photo by Keith McFarland

This Bluetooth speaker reflects how iLuv has made a commitment to enhancing consumers’ enjoyment of programs, from music listening to movie watching. While the progression by iLuv includes a number of items, the transition from their MoBeat to SyrenPro clearly establishes them: 1.) as a force arriving on the innovation scene; and, 2.) as an entity planning to move the needle more forward. That said, the SyrenPro is extremely simple to pair to one’s smartphone. Any significant time only involved the initial charge, taking less than two hours.

The feel is impressive. It has a very elegant look. The combination is obviously great for outdoor events; yet also, ideal in office settings or special indoor gatherings. While pairing to smartphones is the key application, one can likewise join them to TVs, computers, etc., with ease and for heightening sound effects. Accordingly, what you have is another tech gadget changing the dial in a positive way.

Putting all in perspective, the SyrenPro is a wireless stereo, weather-resistant; bringing into the mix superior jAura acoustics, inclusive of high, middle and low range frequencies. The speaker is 3̎ co-axial. There are two power options, plug into an electrical outlet or go wireless. A rechargeable battery provides up to four hours of playtime. Dimensions are 8.35in(W) x 11.61in(H) x 8.35in(D), and weighing 0.68lbs. However, the masterfulness entails an ability to connect two together, providing bigger sound.