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The swing in my life.

It’s interesting isn’t it? The way our life feels like a swing. We sit in a chair. We push ourselves off. We pump our legs to get the rhythm moving. And when we reach the top, we stop, sit back, relax and let the momentum takes us back. Until we reach the top and have to pump our legs again to keep the momentum going.

Chella Choi of South Korea
Chella Choi of South Korea
Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images
Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images

I’m trying my best. Yoda says “there is no try, only do.” I’m doing my best. I’m pumping my legs trying to keep the momentum going but even on the free ride back I know I’m going to reach that moment when I have to pump my legs again.

I’m a child of a loving God. A God that loves me unconditionally whether I obey His voice or not. I’m listening though. His love comes to me and through me and from this love I want to share it with others. I want people to know that when they are on that swing and they don’t have the energy to pump their legs it is a loving God that continues to push them forward.

There is no chaos that the devil can create that God can not handle. There is no panic that ensues from the chaos that God’s love does not blanket with peace.

The synonyms for strong are: active, capable, durable, energetic, firm, robust, solid, stable, steady, substantial, tenacious, tough, vigorous, enduring, hard as nails, muscular. I am these but I am also soft, comfy, creamy, delicate, easy, flexible, fluffy, mushy, rounded, silky, spongy, smooth, bendable.

It’s the swing. It’s the rhythm of life.

As always - Kyle

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