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The Sweet Smell of Success


After a marathon session, Democratic Representatives passed Health care reform. The change that American’s have been pleading for worked. Millions of voters across America manned phone banks, distributed pamphlets, and talked to their neighbors in a massive effort to help pass this bill.

Although the bill has been passed, it must be signed by the President prior to becoming law. Then, once the bill has been signed, it will be sent back to the senate for amendments to adjust the bill. Now the Republicans have yet another opportunity to help craft this bill in helping to pass amendments to fix issues that they see with the bill. That is, if they are even interested in doing so. The bill passed strictly on party lines, with 7 Democrats voting against the bill.

The provisions of the bill that will assist small businesses and the uninsured will take effect starting in 2014. By then, health care exchanges, where businesses can shop for and compare rates with various companies will be set up.

This bill will help fuel the economy by unlatching health care from employment. Entrepreneurs will be able to freely enter the marketplace and start businesses, creating jobs, and bringing our economy roaring back.

What it does:

• Covers an additional 32 million Americans by expanding Medicaid and providing federal subsidies

• Creates a health care exchange, where uninsured individuals and small businesses can comparison shop for insurance policies. This creates yet another opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to innovate in health care technology and delivery of service.

• Requires most American citizens and legal residents to buy health insurance

• Fines employers with 50 or more employees if any full-time workers qualify for health care subsidies from the government- Large corporations like Wal-Mart will no longer be able to offer programs their employees can't afford, then claim they offer health insurance.

• Increases Medicare payroll tax and expands it to include investment income

•Insurers won't be able to deny coverage for pre-existing medical conditions like they have in the recent past.

* Out-of-pocket prescription expenses for seniors on Medicare would be reduced. Considering all that seniors have lost from their retirement accounts in the financial meltdown, those savings will make a difference.

Although some naysayers will gripe, most of the programs we treasure today, like Medicare and Social Security were unpopular when they passed, but are now virtually untouchable. Congress acted with bravery and conviction despite abusive behavior on the part of Tea Party activists. Congratulations on a fine victory. This is the change we voted for.

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  • joe 5 years ago

    I hope you don't consider this a news article! It has quite a few factual errors and several tons of opinion, all of it in favor of the majority and against those who opposed the bill for a myriad of reasons.

  • Dave Mundy 5 years ago

    I wouldn't say Social Security and Medicare are "untouchable," my young socialist friend. The Democrats plan to rape the medicare trust fund to pay for this unconstitutional nonsense.
    Texas will not countenance this.

  • tr 5 years ago

    it's great to have it brought to our attention so clearly.

  • DB 5 years ago

    No matter how you feel about the new health care bill it doesn't change the fact that it is law now! Let's all just pray that it does what it is suppose to do for those who are in need of it and the need greatly out weighs those who were against this bill.

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