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The survival genre is far from Rust-y


Rust sits comfortably atop the top-selling games on Steam, and has not moved for quite some time. Most famous for the critically-acclaimed Garry's Mod, Facepunch Studio's Rust combines elements of DayZ and Minecraft in a multiplayer-survival setting. With games like DayZ, Seven Days to Die and so many other crafting and survival games on the market, it is safe to assume that games like Rust are not going anywhere anytime soon.

With apocalypse movies and shows and games on the rise, it is hard for a game to make a name for itself inside the melting pot.Initially, Rust strove to be extremely realistic by replacing zombie killing with interactions with other players. However, zombies have since been added. Players must hunt, build shelters and defend those shelters from other players. Gamers so far have responded very well to the realism.

However, Rust is subject to change. Facepunch Studios understands that they have to do more with Rust to make it stand out. They have stated multiple times that Rust will change and grow in many ways as it finds its own niche. It would not be surprising if this increased its popularity even further. Rust is a game anyone should check out if they want to support the development of a game, and watch it grow and change as they do.