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The Surface Pro 3 is still a winner three weeks after its release

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We surveyed several Microsoft and Best Buy stores on Monday in Los Angeles and can safely say the Surface Pro 3 is a big hit. "We are having a hard time keeping these in stock," a manager from the Best Buy in Burbank revealed. Employees at the Microsoft Store at the Century City Mall told me that they are selling more than twice as many Surface Pro 3 units in a three week period than the original Surface Pro, which came out in February of 2013.

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We have been using the Surface Pro 3 constantly since its June 20 release date. We can safely say that we don't feel the need to carry our MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina with us wherever we go; the Surface Pro 3 can do most high-end tasks. We use Photoshop extensively and although the PC version of Photoshop has never been as good as it has for the MAC, it is more than adequate for the Surface Pro 3. Adobe Illustrator works fine as well. We still prefer to do our video editing using Final Cut Pro on our MacBook.

There are some issues that Surface Pro 3 users should be aware of. First of all, the screen may be scratch-resistant, but it is definitely not scratch proof. If you use your Surface Pro 3 to take notes, you definitely need a screen cover. We can see some small chicken scratches on our screen, but only when it is exposed to sunlight. It is still shocking that Microsoft (at least as of last week) has not received Surface Pro 3 screen covers. Get one on, now!

There is also the Wi-Fi issue, which has affected many users. However, Microsoft has issued a fix for that and most users are reporting improvements. There is also the issue of battery drain, but that is normal for a recently-released device. That should be taken care of with a fix as well.

The Surface Pro 3 is, so far, the most significant technological device released this year. That may change with the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy Note 4. But for now, the Surface Pro 3 is easily the technology champ of 2014.


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