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The Superintendent of LAUSD just gave his remarks, here are mine:

As Superintendent I will:

Limit testing at every grade to one day a year with one hour for Language Arts and one hour for Math.

Greatly reduce class sizes by putting 98% of the district funds into the schools.

Return autonomy to the teachers so that they will move on to a new skill only when the class has mastered every previous skill.

Make sure that every student has Music, Art, Library, Computers, and Physical Education.

Allow the teachers to select the textbooks.

Tell the school board members and the downtown administrators that they must be in schools 4 days a week, with the fifth day used for sharing fresh and innovative ideas that they have encountered.

Sell the Beaudry headquarters building and move the offices to empty classrooms with 90% of the downtown administration retiring or becoming teachers.

Give everyone on school staffs a much delayed and deserved cost of living increase.

Make the budget information available to the public.

Restore funds for the gifted and for special education classes.

Return shops to secondary schools.

Sell all district cars.

Develop a truly effective discipline plan that holds parents accountable, which will assist teachers and not return disruptive students to class without intervention.

Eliminate the Educational Service Centers with the staffs either retiring or returning to teaching.

Establish family health centers with medical, psychological, and parenting support on every secondary campus.

Make sure that every day, each child has a healthy, nutritious meal.

Reinstate drivers education and drivers training at all high schools at a reasonable fee to support the classes and with a private scholarship fund to assist the socio-economically deprived.

Close down the teacher jails.

Restore Spelling and Spelling tests to elementary education.

Provide sufficient college counseling and career counseling time for each high school student.

Survey all district partners—teachers, administrators, parents, and others—about the feasibility of returning 6th grade to all elementary schools, and 9th grade back to junior highs.

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