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The super wagon: 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S-Model 4-Matic Wagon

Base / Loaded: $102,370 / $117 as tested
Fuel Economy: 17 mpg combined at 15 city / 21 highway

For the true performance enthusiast there are few thrills as great as the roar of a 577 horsepower biturbo engine at the point of start-up. Even more exciting is to be so lucky to hear the tamed, yet mighty rumble as the valet attendant makes his way towards you. And aside from the designo magno alante gray matte finish on the exterior, what will wreck everyone in its presence while leaving you, the owner, smiling from ear to ear, is the thought that your station wagon is what’s blowing their minds!

Long before the crossover and the SUV took center stage, if you had a family, you owned a station wagon. Back then all cars had to have big engines to haul around the tons of steel with which they were made. But since the new-age SUV craze and the days of lighter, yet more durable materials, station wagons have sort of dwindled to a cult following, which is why the E-Class Wagon—particularly at the AMG trim level, is particularly worthy of note, especially for the Hombre Man.

With 577 horses under the hood producing a total of nearly 600 lb-ft of torque to deliver 0-60 performance in 3.6 seconds, the E63 Wagon moves with an ease of might the moment your foot calls upon the accelerator for power. The addition of being able to adjust the driving mode from comfort, to sport, sport+ or manual transmission, in addition to a separate control to take the suspension from sport to sport+, is like sending a kid to candy store without a chaperone. The power, the glory—it’s all right there in the palm of your hands and total discretion to call upon when it’s time to escape a pack of freeway traffic or simply to show off at a traffic light. The combination of turning radius, maneuverability, swift handling and agility all serve to bring you to that mental space where it becomes quite evident that you are now the commander and chief of a mighty super-car. It’s just that awesome! And with multicontour seats that include power side bolsters to keep your body perfectly position regardless of which direction the vehicle is moving, you’ll be convinced that the title, “King of the Road,’ belongs to you!

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