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'The Super (1991)' Movie Review: Welcome to the neighborhood

Movie Review: The Super (1991)
Movie Review: The Super (1991)

Louie Kritski (Joe Pesci) is the son of Big Louie Kritski (Vincent Gardenia) and they are in the real estate business. Big Louie owns some rental buildings that could easily be called slums. Now being the businessman that he is Big Louie likes to cut corners on the upkeep of his buildings. In the process he doesn't allow his son Louie much leeway on the operations of these slums. Okay, let's be honest the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Louie doesn't care what goes on as long as the rent is paid. One tenement building was able to lodge some complaints and they were heard. Which sometimes in New York is almost impossible to do.

The court proceedings stated that Louie Kritski had 120 days to get the building in order and up to code. Now you and I know Big Louie doesn't care and is not going to lift a finger to do anything as far as repairing a his slum. Here is the kicker Louie has to live in the building until all the repairs are complete. Scary, let alone the fact that Louie has never really had to much to do with this building or anyone of the other slums his father owns. For him, to live in one is almost like prison. Now Louie arrives to the building in question and starts to unpack his car as the tenants are watching the spectacle. They even welcome him with some choice words for the occasion some of which I cannot print. Louie does not fit into the neighborhood and it is very obvious. The tenants immediately start to tell Louie all the problems in the building but Louie has really no idea how he is going to do it after his father has informed him that he is on his own.

Eventually, Louie is able to start some of the repairs that are needed but its like pulling teeth to do it. Director Rod Daniel has a wonderful cast and the story line in the film is pretty close to real life. This makes this film work. It is funny but also brings social injustice a place to be scene. This is one of the goodies for Joe Pesci. So if you want a good laugh take the time to view 'The Super'.