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The Sunday bird market in Porto, Portugal

Feira dos Pássaros in Porto, Portugal-slide0
(c) Christina Newberry

Feira dos Pássaros, the bird market, is a Porto, Portugal Sunday tradition that must be seen to be believed. Every Sunday morning, the square in front of the Portuguese Centre of Photography becomes a temporary pet store, with rows and rows of vendors selling everything to do with pet birds—cages, food, supplies, and—of course—the birds themselves.

Every kind of bird you could imagine is on display here, from budgies to chickens to what must be the unluckiest pigeons in Porto. (What must they think of all their free-flying cousins who swoop in to gobble up the bits of spilled birdseed?) And birds are just the main attraction—supporting acts include vendors selling guinea pigs, rabbits, and fish.

On a Sunday morning, when not much is happening in Porto, it’s a great way to spend some time among the locals, or even pick up a handcrafted birdhouse or birdcage to take home. At 1 to 10 euros, these make for inexpensive and quirky souvenirs.

Getting to Porto from Vancouver:
Fly to Lisbon and take the train to Porto, get a connecting flight straight to Porto through any major European hub, or fly to any major hub and book a ticket to Porto on a smaller carrier like Ryanair or EasyJet.

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