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The sun shines on solar business in York County

Komax's solar manufacturing facility in York County, PA
Komax's solar manufacturing facility in York County, PA
Komax USA

Brian Micciche knows a lot about the role renewable energy can play in moving towards more sustainable ways of producing power for our homes, businesses and schools. He should - Mr. Micciche is President of Komax Solar, Inc., a firm that manufactures and sells machines and equipment to produce solar modules and solar panels.

Komax Solar is based in Springettsbury Township, York County and employs about 120 employees. They built a new $7.5 million manufacturing facility last year and are in the process of expanding their workforce, a much needed boost to the local economy.

"We're looking for skilled floor assemblers as well as professional team players," said Micciche, while recently talking about the state of his industry.

Komax has benefited from both federal and state incentive programs including tax credits for installation of solar systems and Pennsylvania's Sunshine , which takes the form of grant funding for commercial and residential projects.

Micciche acknowledges that there are challenges to growing his business, mainly from traditional sources of energy which cost less to produce than solar.

The solar industry is also hampered by the current political climate. "There is no clear agenda for renewable energy right now," said Micciche. "Our growth is being driven by foreign markets including Germany and Japan."

Micciche is hopeful that this scenario will change as the playing field is leveled for renewable sources as markets expand. "There's a strong effort at the York plant - this will continue."

To find out more about the current openings at Komax Solar, view their website:



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