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The sun shines on National Sunglasses Day

Bring on the sun because you will be ready in your sophisticated pair of summer shades.
Photo courtesy of Fingerprint Communications, used with permission

As we just got done greeting the arrival of the summer, there is a new day dawning on the horizon and it begins on Friday, June 27, 2014. This important lifestyle day marks National Sunglasses Day. As our souls heat up, our eyes need plenty of protection from the sun's strong rays and only sunglasses can satisfy that demand.

We all should succumb to the perfect pair of sunglasses because National Sunglasses Day only comes around once a year. Similar to a kaleidoscope of personalities, shades come in a ton of diversified colors, styles and shapes.

If you are looking for the reasonably priced choices to make a splash at the beach, why not opt for the Cat Eye Sunglasses loaded with class and charisma. The Kardashian Kollection offers some cute ones for only $32. The Aviator is for the world traveler eager to jet set through the summer months. Why not experiment with the Studio S. Goldtone Frame Aviator Sunglasses which are only $26 but will last you years of adventure? The Wayfarer combines contemporary with classic for the look of the century in an androgynous state of mind. From black retro to thick framed to Tribal Retro Style, price is no problem at $12.98 for Bongo, Bliss or Amplify brands.

Have a bit of an edge on Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe in 'Glamour Girl' shades as you become a bathing beauty in various shades of the rainbow. From tortoise cut-out to Metaphor's blue glass shades, each and every style glorifies in a glamorous manner.

If you are looking for an innovative set of sunglasses, turn your gaze this way and open your eyes to The Wild Soul. This brand has Carl Zeiss German technology, lenses with UV protection and coated with an anti-scratch layer for those of us that are rough on our sunglasses, no matter what the sport may be. The designers behind The Wild Soul are two young and rising entrepreneurs, Mark Battipaglia and Andres Beker. They express a deep sense of commitment to style and durability with each pair that you may choose to fit the occassion. Wild Soul sunglasses are themed after enchanting, untamed animals: the lion, the owl, the elephant and the rhino, and was created on the premise that there are causes greater than our own that can and must be supported. Wild Soul aims to bridge the gap between fashionistas and philanthropists worldwide and make a clear affirmation that there is a little wild to everyone’s soul.

The ultimate in sunglasses is quite surely the designer brands that emanate stature and prestige from a marketing perspective. From Fendi to Lanvin to Oliver Peoples and Thierry Lasry, these sunglasses are meant to be admired by all. Once you decide on the designer that you may want, it is time to try on the flattering looks for the fun part of this day. Try out oversized to exaggerated or e subtle in minimal chic. There is even color-blocking available. Why not go for blue skies, blue waters, blue frames and take it to the extreme. You can find all these brands at

One thing is for certain, we all are ready to don some superior sunglasses and raise a toast to National Sunglasses Day that only comes round once a year in the sizzling summertime and that day would be Friday, June 27, 2014.

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