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The sun breaks through the clouds, Thank God for the clouds

As the sun breaks through the clouds and shines down on Evergreen Lake, the snow melts over the ice that supported the skaters not that long ago. The cycle of Evergreen Lake shoreline being dotted by fishermen in spring, summer, and fall and the frozen lake being used in the winter for skating and hockey reminds us of the cycle of seasons God provides us.

The Celts sensed the call to prayer in every event-every moment-of the day. Can you imagine praying for the fish below the ice, while skaters dance and twirl above them? How about the solitaire fisherman sitting on a box beside the hole in the ice, wanting to take home a catch for dinner? As our prayers ascend to heaven, intermingled and focused on a wide range of hopes and thanksgivings, are we aware of the other's prayer? Do you ever sense that your prayer may be counter to someone else's petition? Aren't you glad that God is big enough to handle infinite requests?

Never be afraid to pray, God will work out the details and have the answer that is best for you. Don't worry about your volume or your location, pray in earnest and expectation...and do not cease in your conversation no matter the circumstances you find yourself in.

Let us praise God

at the beginning

and the end of time.

Who ever seeks Him out

He will not deny

nor refuse.

From Black Book of Carmarthen


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