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The summer weather is wonderful in New Jersey

With the cool summer weather in New Jersey, now is the perfect time for gardening.
With the cool summer weather in New Jersey, now is the perfect time for gardening.
Lucy Santos

Summers in Newark, New Jersey are usually hot, humid and uncomfortable. In July and August, the temperature in Newark can exceed 90 degrees and can even reach 100 degrees. However, this year is the exception where we have had very few 90 degree days and no record heat waves. This summer in New Jersey the temperature is an average of 80 degrees each day. Mornings feel cool and crisp with temperatures that range from 60 degrees to 70 degrees. The cool summer breeze makes the 80 degree average temperature feel even more comfortable. This summer feels like a gift from nature, for those who enjoy the cooler weather.

Not only is there great summer weather in Newark, the entire Northeast is also having nice summer weather. Last year, we heard the news stories of how we should be careful in the excessive heat, but this year we have not had those high temperatures over 90 degrees. We are really lucky that we have not had power outages like we did in previous summers.

With a cooler summer, we are saving money on our energy bills. In this weather, you do not need to use the air conditioner to stay cool. Using a fan at a low speed is sufficient. Since we are saving energy this summer, we are helping to protect the environment.

In past summers, the air in the City of Newark felt like it was coming from a hot oven. This year the air is much cooler making walking and other outdoor activities much more enjoyable. Since it is not humid outside, it is a good time to do home repairs. Gardening is also more pleasant since you do not feel the prickly heat. Exploring historic landmarks in our communities is much more relaxing and enjoyable this summer without that excessive humidity. This is the perfect summer to go camping. The weather is also ideal to have a family picnic or barbecue.

Do go outside and enjoy the pleasant summer weather before the season ends, for it is very unusual that will have another summer like this one.