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The summer sizzles are still on at Uncle Julio’s: Seafood Fajitas review

The summer sizzles are still on at Uncle Julio’s: Seafood Fajitas review -slide0
Sandra Perez

This past Sunday, Uncle Julio’s invited me and a guest to their Keller Springs location to try some of their latest menu items. How can I turn down Tex-Mex food? You all know it’s my favorite! My guest and I were treated to Uncle Julio’s new table side guacamole, their three new fajita plates and a delicious margarita drink.

The summer sizzles are still on at Uncle Julio’s: Seafood Fajitas review
Sandra Perez

I had never been to an Uncle Julio’s location prior to this visit, so I was pretty excited to check it out. The ambiance felt very relaxed and comfortable. One of the first things I noticed was that servers kept an eye on their tables at all times, making sure their guests were happy. It might be because waitressing was my first job, but I always notice if servers have good teamwork or not.

We started with chips and salsa and I ordered a margarita called Lucky Horseshoe, recommended by our server John. Another server stopped by soon after to prepare the table side guacamole. The Lucky Horseshoe tastes very smooth, I really enjoyed it. Even better was our table side guacamole, which is big enough to share with a party of five.

Next up – Seafood Fajitas! From Uncle Julio’s menu: “A fresh approach to fajitas! Served on a bed of julienned zucchini and yellow squash, mango-jicama slaw with your choice of lettuce wraps or corn tortillas.”

Shrimp al Pastor and the Spicy Seared Rare Ahi Tuna were brought out first. The Shrimp al Pastor is accompanied with pineapple and a mango habanero sauce. The Spicy Seared Rare Ahi Tuna is pan-seared and served with soy ginger sauce.

The Shrimp al Pastor comes with a very generous amount of shrimp and cooked to perfection. That mango habanero sauce really completes the flavor. And while I’m not the biggest tuna fan, I still enjoyed the Spicy Seared Rare Ahi Tuna – this plate was actually my husbands (my guest) favorite. Having worked in a seafood market before, my husband has experience with seafood cooking and complimented how well cooked and put together the Seared Tuna plate was.

My favorite though was the last plate; Uncle Julio’s staff saved the best for last – the Grilled Red Snapper, served with chipotle crema and sweet sautéed peppers. So tender, so delicious. The mango-jicama slaw finalizes this tropical dish. I will be raving about this plate to friends and family, they’ve got to try it!

All three seafood fajitas come with your choice of flour tortillas, corn tortillas, or Bibb lettuce. We tried each and I recommend the Bibb lettuce for the Grilled Red Snapper fajitas, it will give this plate the final pizazz needed for the perfect summery feel.

We were offered dessert but were too stuffed and left with food-to-go for later that night. Our server John was very courteous and attentive throughout our stay. Make sure to ask for him if you visit the Keller Spring’s location! Check out the images to all of the food I enjoyed in the slideshow attached to this article. And definitely check out Uncle Julio’s online for a location near you!