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The success of SIFF opening weekend spills over into week one

Firestorm at SIFF
Firestorm at SIFF

If you were anywhere near one of the six venues hosting the Seattle International Film Festival this past weekend you would have seen throngs of satisfied moviegoers milling about, excitedly chatting about the last movie that they had just seen with anyone who would listen. After just three days of screenings, SIFF appears to be headed for another successful run in what is its 40th year of bringing some of the best films from around the world to Seattle audiences.

Heading into the first full week of SIFF madness you’ll find plenty of films of various origins and styles that are sure to continue the fest’s momentum. Here are a few highlights to get you started.

Tonight, May 19
If you like your action films based in Hong Kong then you’re going to love “Firestorm.” This action-packed thrill ride is from Hong Kong-based writer and director Alan Yuen. There promises to be plenty of fast-paced, weapon-toting drama that plays out in this heist movie that's set in the busy streets of Hong Kong’s central business district. 7:00 pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown

Tuesday, May 20
Melodrama, noir and suspense are three words used to describe “Tom at the Farm.” This psychological thriller is helmed by film provocateur Xavier Dolan and includes a country funeral, the dead lover’s brother and some wickedly dangerous mind games. 4:00 pm, Harvard Exit

Wednesday, May 21
It seems like this week has its fill of outstanding dark and twisted thrillers. “In Order of Disappearance” had its first screening this past weekend that left festival goers buzzing. Comparisons to “Fargo” are bandied about as this Norwegian crime comedy comes with its fair share of blood spilled on the cold, frozen tundra. See this film and you’ll never look at snowplows the same way again. 9:15 pm, Egyptian Theatre

Thursday, May 22
Not everyone is familiar with Bronies, but those in the know will certainly be headed to see “A Brony Tale.” For the uninitiated, Bronies are dudes (usually aged 18-30) who are all about “My Little Pony.” With its very own BronyCon gathering this phenomenon is larger than you may think. If you think this fascination might be a little weird, this straight-forward look into these young men’s lives and values may just change your mind. 9:30 pm SIFF Cinema Uptown

Friday, May 23
There are a couple of films dealing with dams in the changing face of nature that screen at this year’s festival – one is a documentary financed by Patagonia, the other is a tense drama with a several Hollywood names attached for good measure. If you’re looking for a nail-biter then “Night Moves” is your dam movie. A thriller which seeps with the suspense of eco-terrorism, this film will have you on the edge of your seat. Peter Sarsgaard, Dakota Fanning and Jesse Eisenberg infiltrate the Oregon landscape to right the wrong. 7:00pm, Lincoln Square Cinemas

Visit for ticket information and a full line-up of festival films.

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