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The Style Studio by Keri Blair celebrates new digs and the business of style

Kimberly Ade (left) and Keri Blair bring their own expertise to every wardrobe transformation.
Kimberly Ade (left) and Keri Blair bring their own expertise to every wardrobe transformation.
Photo by Meridian Faul

After 12 years as an image consultant in Denver, The Style Studio by Keri Blair has moved into a posh new space in Cherry Creek North. The studio offers more square footage, views of Denver's amazing scenery and a new accessories boutique with exclusive designs. The Style Studio by Keri Blair offers personal style consulting services to people in all situations, whether they want a total makeover or have simply fallen into a style rut. Professional stylist and Image Consultant with The Style Studio, Kimberly Ade offers this piece of advice when thinking about hiring an expert. "There are many different ways in which we work with our clients - anywhere from an outfit for a special event to a full makeover. Overall, what every client of ours can expect is to not only look amazing but also to expect a significant change in their life and an increase in their confidence to accomplish anything." She also shares other aspects of The Style Studio.

New signage at The Style Studio by Keri Blair
Photo by Meridian Faul

What can someone expect out of their styling appointment?
Generally speaking, it all starts with a consultation. This is the fact finding stage where we get to know the client inside and out, such as their challenges, lifestyle, wants, goals, budget, etc. Each person that comes to us has a unique story and goals they want to achieve. Maybe they want to find the love of their life, get a promotion or make more money, change careers, or just feel gorgeous. Whatever it may be, we will design a package exclusively to help them fulfill their goals and dreams. For an overall makeover, our second appointment is a closet clean out where we figure out what works and doesn't work in their wardrobe. From there, we go shopping. We usually go to 3-6 stores that fit our clients style and budget. The third appointment is in our studio where the client comes in and tries on everything we selected. They experience walking into their very own personalized boutique where everything was hand-selected just for them. The final step in their transformation process where the client goes home feeling like a new and better self. It's quite an amazing experience. If the client wants to take the transformation even further, we also offer make up lessons, will design a new hairstyle for them and even mix and match their clothes so that dressing is easy each day.

What is the best way to ensure a good result from your appointment?
We'll change your life. Be open and trust us.

How do you handle resistance to change from clients?
The majority of our clients don't resist change. We find that if they hire us, they are ready. Whenever we do experience a little resistance we are compassionate. It's never easy changing your look because who we are for ourselves is all wrapped up in how we look. We help people see that it's not their fault, and there is nothing wrong with them or their bodies. We can make them look great.

What are some of the benefits of hiring an image consultant?
An image consultant will not only save you time, money, but will also take the stress out of shopping. Ninety-eight percent of the time, clients come to us not knowing what flatters their figure and/or they don't have the time to shop. An image consultant will do all of the work and knows how to dress every body type. Most importantly, they will make you look and feel amazing, increasing your self confidence.

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