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The Stupidity of Parents in Albuquerque

This is the type of damage you do to a child's eardrum when exposed to a film that they are not supposed to be viewing.
This is the type of damage you do to a child's eardrum when exposed to a film that they are not supposed to be viewing.
Annoying kid

Diane and I went to see Safehouse, the new film with Denzel Washington. It's not that often when I get to actually take my wife out to dinner and a movie. In fact, we don't bother with the movie theatre all that much anymore due to two main issues that have yet to be resolved, with the second reason being the more pronounced:

1. The regurgitated crap that's being recycled, produced and then projected onto the big screen as an original motion picture feature film. An example of this would be the recent remake of The Thing. Nothing will ever beat John Carpenter's version of this film from the early eighties. It is pure psychological terror at its finest with the movements of the creature only adding to the sheer terror. The newest version that came out in recent months had nothing to offer and nothing to add.

Granted, I Am Legend was a big surprise a few years ago when Will Smith took over the original role from Charlton Heston's The Omega Man and Vincent Price's The Last Man On Earth. But it won't be long before some jackass decides to make a useless sequel to an otherwise rarely successful remake.

Nowadays, we only go to see a movie on the big screen if it's something we've really been looking forward to such as Safehouse. But reason number one represents a discussion that needs more room to explore and I would rather get to the second more pertinent reason as to why we don't bother with the modern day Roman Purgatorium known as the movie theatre.

2. It's the low-class, degenerate, inbred denizens of Albuquerque who call themselves parents. These are the same rejects who bring their infant, toddler or adolescent to an movie that is rated R, henceforth ruining the whole movie for everyone else with this delinquent act that can only be described as child abuse. I wish I could call Child Protection Services and have them take your children away from you. Yes, this means you, the same mongoloid reject that has the audacity to bestow the very undeserving title of Mother and/or Father upon yourself just because you shot some kid out the backdoor nine months ago.

Afterall, if you think it's okay to do this, then what other pathetic and regretable things are you doing to your child? Why would you bring your underaged child to a film that it strictly and clearly meant only for adults? What kind of an idiot do you have to be to pull off this kind of a self-centered act and then think it's perfectly okay? Why would you willingly be so ignorant of the fact that you are infringing on other people's enjoyment? Are you really that far gone that you can no longer tell the difference between right and wrong?

Remember, I am referring to other adults who have already spent the money to see this film whereas as you got the kid in for free, therefore ruining the film as such because your are actually that stupid and dimwitted in your inconsiderate actions.

No one gives a damn if you couldn't find a babysitter. That's your issue - and a very pathetic excuse at that since there are plenty of dingbat schlock G and PG movies to go and see with your annoying genetic offspring in tow. Once again, you have no reason whatsoever to be bringing that ill-taught, ill-raised kid into what is strictly adult territory when you know the kid is not even old enough to know how to conduct itself properly in an adult environment.

This brings us to the wider issue at hand: the way you raise the kid. It's seems to be a common theme here in Albuquerque that you can raise your genetically deficient spawn to be just as ignorant, pathetic, miserable and provincial as you are as a parent. This, of course, comes from the way your own brain dead parents raised you.

What it all comes down to is your level of intelligence, of which there is none in Albququerque due to the complete lack of work ethic and motivated delinquency that has escalated to the point of no return. Remember, intelligence is not about whether or not you know all the capitals to all fifty states of the union. Intelligence is simply defined as your level of social skills and whether or not you are capable of conducting yourself in a proper manner within the general public.

Parents who bring their children to a movie theater to see a film that is rated R is an action the clearly indicates a complete lack of social skills on all levels, regardless of what perspective you are coming from.

Seriously folks, how do you justify a self-degrading and highly inconsiderate action like this without exposing yourself as being one of the mongoloid freaks I am referring to in the first place? It's time to grow up and put away childish things. That includes your excuses for such bonehead actions. It's time to get a grip on reality and acquire the social skills that your parents neglected to teach you in a proper manner.

Let's face it folks. When you live in a society where a jailed inmate has a better chance at developing proper social skills than the citizens walking the streets of Albuquerque, then you know it's all going to hell very fast. In the end of it all, your kid ends up becoming the poster child for keeping abortion legal.

Is that what you want for your child? Common folks, it's time to pull your collective heads out of you collective asses and deal with the real world.

All I can say is thank goodness for Hastings, Redbox, Netflix and wireless routers. If it wasn't for these technological marvels of the film industry, I would have to go postal on every last movie theater in Albuquerque. Be thankful folks. Be very thankful. Netflix is the only thing keeping you alive right now. Have a nice day.