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The Stupidity of Humanity

Over the last few days I have been pondering many things. But it hit me today as I was washing the car I had a realization that the stupidity of humanity is unbelievable. We feed into others lies and delusions instead of telling them the truth and even when we do tell them the truth and present FACTS they choose to not believe, why? Because others feed more bull to them thus feeding their delusions and lies and we expect the stupidity to stop?

How does this relate to relationships? It's simple, in ever relationship we sugar coat certain things, such as when you ask your partner "do I look fat?" and the programmed response is "of course not, you look beautiful". It's just a little white lie as to not hurt your partners feelings, but where does that little white lie lead too? The longer you tell yourself or others that lie, the more it becomes the reality. So why do we tell ourselves we are someone's friend and then sit there and lie to them, even a little while lie? Have we been so programmed to lie that we have lost our humanity all together? Why do we not tell people the truth, even if we know it may hurt?

If you want a truly honest and open relationship with complete trust then this subject is something you may want to discuss with your partner.

Until then, do not feed into other's false beliefs and lies. Ask yourself what YOU believe, research the facts and then make an informed decision. You will thank yourself in the long run.

Tomorrow's article will be the REAL history of Easter.

Till next time,


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