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The stunning new teaser for the dark comedy 'Birdman'

The poster to "Birdman" is initially what had me so excited for the film since I was suddenly under the presumption that somebody out there was making a live-action adaptation of Adult Swim's "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law."

The first official poster for "Birdman."
Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures, used with permission.

After watching the trailer, it's revealed that unfortunately that isn't the case but the trailer is so fantastic that it gives you something else to be excited about. Highlights from the trailer include an extraordinary one-take sequence featuring a rough looking Michael Keaton complete with afro and a handlebar mustache walking through what looks like the back entrance to a night club, a giant, robotic, armor-clad bird that spits fireballs on cue, and a fair share of Michael Keaton walking through the streets in his underwear. Edward Norton, also wearing nothing but his underwear, even gets into a fistfight with Keaton at the end of the trailer.

With beautiful cinematography, a simple yet intriguing storyline, and a trailer with just the right amount of interesting peculiarities, "Birdman" looks to be a very promising dark comedy.

Story: Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton) is known for playing Birdman, a popular movie superhero. But Thomson's career took a turn for the worst and his name was soon forgotten in the film industry. Choking on his own pride and facing trouble within his family, Thomson takes to the stage and accepts a gig on Broadway to remind not only himself but everyone how talented he used to be and still is.

Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu ("21 Grams," "Babel," "Biutiful")

Cast: Michael Keaton, Zach Galafianakis, Edward Norton, Andrea Riseborough, Amy Ryan, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts

Release Date: October 17, 2014

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