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The stuff no one wants to tell us

I am amazed that existing technology remains unknown to most people. Will County residents as well as all Americans need to know what is in use and working well? Why does our government talk of high speed rail never mentioning the Maglev Train that is already in use in China? Why are diesel cars made be Ford getting 80MPG not sold in the U.S.? Did you ever here of the Tesla Motors electric car that gets a range of 260 miles and goes over 100 mph, and can be re-charged in 3 ½ hours from any outlet? Why can’t we start re-surfacing our roads with a metallic composition added to the asphalt or concrete to allow for levitation cars based on maglev technology?

The answer to all these questions is money and control. Those in power don’t want us to ask these questions, or even know of new existing technology that benefits all people. Obama keeps saying we need to improve American standards for Miles Per Gallon. He does not want us to know Ford makes a car with double the mileage of the American Ford. These other new technologies could create jobs building an infrastructure, while providing green energy that is proven to work unlike the crony capitalism of supporting companies like the failed ones Obama is supporting now.

Check these sites and be amazed.


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