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The Strixus platform allows to systematically predict cyber security issues

Cyber crime scene. EPS10. This illustration contains transparent and blending mode objects.
Cyber crime scene. EPS10. This illustration contains transparent and blending mode objects.
Mustafahacalaki via Getty Images

As more businesses continue to exploit the advent of cutting-edge technology, so too come the risks of utilizing these modern innovations. In today’s rapidly changing business ecosystem it is essential to have a protective software solution. At Massive the Strixus cyber intelligence platform allows the user through its in-depth analysis give an organization a distinct advantage against sophisticated attacks that are damaging and costly.

Much of the emphasis for any practically establishment of any size to focus their resources on building better cyber security. This is to circumvent or mitigate the incident once it has been properly identified.

According to a Computerweekly report, the top six identifiable top threats included: bring your own device (BYOD) trends in the workplace, data privacy in the cloud, reputational damage, privacy and regulation, cybercrime, and the internet of things.

Most of these threats involve the valuable and sensitive exchange of important data. So, this means that in the event of data comprised or a security breach there are direct consequences at the financial and reputational level of the organization. Businesses must adopt technology that safeguards all the data coming in and out of its network.

The Strixus platform features are able to offer a comprehensive robust technology that examines even the darkest corners of the web at the global and local level. The capabilities of includes being able to intercept security threats, gather intelligence, mitigate and neutralize the event while protecting your reputation.

Cyber-attacks against companies like Google, Sony and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) exposed the vulnerabilities and the sophistication knowledge of the attackers.

In addition, it signaled that these group of hackers or perpetrators were going after valuable information that would permanently damage the company’s image for the clients it serves. The data theft comes at a damaging price for the business and the lack of trust from people involved in the organization or business.

What does the Strixus team do additionally with the technology? It offers an astounding real-time monitoring of over 80 million websites including digital assets internationally. Furthermore it is able to recognize data received in 25 different languages. The icing on the cake is how to anticipate and determine the intent of an adversary. Moreover monitor their activity through all of this intelligent data put together.

The development of the Strixus “dark spider” is the equivalent of an intelligence search engine which grows with the public and dark web, according to the Strixus product page. Aside from reaching into the dark abyss of the web, the crawling technologies helps monitor these exploitable networks or channels: the TOR network, the I2P network and the Internet Relay Chat system. These are heavily sought after by cyber criminals to coordinate the next target.

More than any other time technology in a sense is governing our everyday lives. The data revolution has forced businesses, government agencies or departments, corporations, educational institutions, security experts, private entities and others to proactively become more reliant on using it to carry out day-to-day operation. This also means putting in place a process or a preventive security measure that is able to anticipate, identify, handle and mitigate the attack.

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