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The strange and gruesome facts about the legend of the Manananggal

Manananggal of Philippine Mythology
Wikimedia Commons

A manananggal is a type of vampire in the Philippines. It's probably one of the weirdest and cruelest creatures in folklore. According to the legends, this creature likes to suck the hearts of infants and harm sleeping mothers. This is a creature that is something of what nightmares are made of.

If Hollywood is looking for a new way to make vampires and horror scary again, they should look at this legend:

  • Normally is depicted as a woman that has the capability of severing her upper torso and then sprouts large wings.
  • The name manananggal means a lot of things like, to remove or to separate.
  • The 'vampire' creature likes to prey on sleeping pregnant women, infants, and anyone else that steps in their way.
  • In deeper lore, the manananggal sucks the heart of its sleeping victims with their proboscis-like tongue.
  • The creature is a popular legend in the Visayan region of the Philippines.
  • Sometimes its called a TikTik, because of the sound it makes while flying.
  • There was a silent film made in 1927 about the manananggal.
  • They are vulnerable to several things some being garlic, spices, vinegar, and sunlight.
  • Manananggals are popularly referred to as aswangs.
  • The leyak and manananggals are similar on how legend depicts their killing habits.

So what legend tells us is the manananggal is a disturbing creature that will make your skin crawl. Folklore does have its dark side and this is just part of it.

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