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‘The Strain’ spoilers: Synopses for episodes 9 – 11

‘The Strain’
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FX’s “The Strain” quickly proved to be a hit thanks to its shocking surprises and thrills from day one. Now on its ninth episode, fans can’t wait to see how the vampiric events will unfold. On Tuesday, Spoiler TV released the synopses for episodes nine through eleven. Note that spoilers are ahead if you are not caught up to “The Strain.”

According to the source, episode 9, titled “The Disappeared,” will have Eph racing to protect his family. Unfortunately, he will discover that Kelly is missing. Meanwhile, Dutch reveals her role in Palmer’s plan and Gus is forced to make a difficult decision about Felix.

In episode 10, “Loved Ones,” Eph continues to investigate Kelly’s disappearance and will not like what he finds. Dutch will follow a plan to retaliate against Palmer, and Fitzwilliam will make a very surprising choice.

“The Third Rail,” episode 11, will feature Setrakian as he leads Eph, Fet and Nora in the hunt for the Master’s lair. Zack will be left behind at the pawnshop with Mariela; he will risk his safety for Mariela’s sake.

“The Strain” episode 9 “The Disappeared” premieres on FX on Sunday, September 7. The series will conclude its first season with “The Master,” episode 13. “The Strain” will return with a second season next summer 2015.

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