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'The Strain:' Vampires have arrived

Corey Stoll plays Ephraim Goodweather on The Strain
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The newest episode of “The Strain” ran on Sunday night and it left viewers, terrified, mesmerized, and longing for more of this dark, mysterious, question-filled drama. A plane lands in New York and everyone on board is dead except for four passengers, who soon begin to feel ill and physically start displaying characteristics of someone not altogether well. The CDC –Center for Disease Control- obviously is called, but nothing is found. A strange box with odd inlays, and too heavy for anyone to lift suddenly disappears without a trace.

The lead investigator is Ephraim Goodweather –Corey Stoll-, who is torn between a job he loves and sees the urgency for answers to be found, but also between his ex-wife who has moved with another man, and his son who despite loving his father, knows he has a job that is very important. The monsters appear from time to time, hideous looking creatures who have lost their hair and only crave blood, and literally suck the life out of people with a hose like tongue that lashes out and clings to the preys throat.

Yes, in the age of zombies, vampires have arrived and “The Strain” has brought under a story line that includes intrigue, power, corruption, and love. Only one man seems to know what is going on, but instead of giving information just manipulates everyone he needs so that “The Master” can be free to claim his due. Another man, Abraham Setrakian –David Bradley- knows what must be done, but who would believe a man who claims that the demons must be decapitated and the bodies burned to cast out the evil within them; when those he is speaking to are men of science, who must investigate and analyze before taking any decisive action.

There are many questions and much mystery in this new drama that has audiences glued to their screens every Sunday night, wondering what the next onslaught of vampires is coming and who is this master that men speak of as though the bearer of all power and answers. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“The Strain” runs on Sunday at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.

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