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'The Strain' 1x06: Spoilers for 'Occultation'

"The Strain" has been a great success and the FX vampire series is just getting better with each episode. So what can fans expect next? On Friday, On the Flix posted spoilers for "The Strain" season 1, episode 6, titled "Occultation."

Mia Maestro stars in "The Strain"
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

For those looking for answers, the sixth episode will not have very many. However, it will have amazing scenes between vampires, one scene will be cringe-worthy and out of all the episodes, "Occultation" will have the most grotesque scenes, the website reported. The upcoming episode will also have the same amount of action that was in last week's episode.

Last week, Eph received a crash course in vampire slaying. Ansel chained himself in the shed and after his wife found him, she lured her not-so-friendly neighbor inside and shut the door. Then Eph and Setrakian discover that she hung herself. They end up finding Ansel in the shed and Eph videotapes the scene while shooting silver nails at the vampire. Setrakian ends up killing him by slicing his neck.

Viewers saw the two survivors from the airplane in different states of the change. Musician Gabriel Bolivar has completely transformed and ends up feeding on a doctor who came to help him. Attorney Joan Luss is at home and is staring at her children's necks. She doesn't give in to the temptation, but the housekeeper feels that something isn't quite right.

Dr. Nora Martinez was visiting her mother in a care facility when they are interrupted by a commotion. Vampires have come into the building and are feeding on everyone. She quickly grabs her mother and they escape out the back door.

So what can fans expect in tonight's episode? The official synopsis for "The Strain" episode 6 has been released. It reveals that after Kelly leaves the city with Zack, the FBI will arrest Eph. Eichorst will have one last job for Gus and Setrakian will discover that the eclipse will be the "tipping point for the virus infection and the beginning of the end."

"The Strain" spoilers reveal that viewers will see what the occultation event means and how it affects the city. It has also been teased that how the sun affects the vampires will be shown. A preview was uploaded to YouTube and it shows Eph telling his ex about a "terrible disease" that is sweeping through the city. Before he can leave the house, the FBI shows up to arrest him. People are trying to get out of the city and a woman's screams can be heard.

As more are infected and people complete their transformation, the attacks won't be so isolated anymore. The preview shows that the public is in real danger and Nora looks worried when she says, "It's going to be dark soon."

Are you looking forward to the next episode of "The Strain?" The sixth episode, "Occultation," airs tonight, Aug. 17 on FX.

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