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‘The Storyteller’s Daughter,’ a Once Upon a Time Fairytale by Cameron Dokey

Book Cover of, 'The Storyteller's Daughter'
Cameron Dokey

Published in 2002 as a part of the Once Upon a Time Fairytale Series by Cameron Dokey, ‘The Storyteller’s Daughter,’ is an engaging and captivating read.

The novel a twist on the classic ,’Arabian Nights,’ fairy tale begins by introducing Shahrazad a young woman born of a blind storyteller, and a king’s ambassador.

Shahrazad has lived in quiet contentment that is until turmoil rocks her homeland. The king is betrayed by his queen who he deeply loved. To guard his bitter cold heart the King has subsequently decided to select one young woman a night to be his queen, who come morning will be executed.

Terror grips the young women of the kingdom that is until Shahrazad volunteers, and with the help of her young sister and her father begins to form and implement a plan.

Shahrazad tempts the king by offering to tell him a tale, intrigued by her stories the king agrees to allow her live till the completion.

Before long Shahzarad is not only telling tales, but, weaving her own love story with the king. Will she be able to finish her own tale with a happy ending, or will the king’s heart prove too cold to melt?

Filled with fairy tale intrigue, romance, faraway lands, exotic settings, and endearing characters makes, ‘The Storyteller’s Daughter,’ a delightful, and enchanting read.

This novel is recommended for fans of cracked fairytales, and author Cameron Dokey.

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