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The Story of Sugar from Garland Pawsibilities

No more bars or cages for Sugar
No more bars or cages for Sugar
Garland Pawsibilities

Garland Pawsibilities Adoption Event on Saturday, May 15 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Firewheel Town Center.

There are happy endings to dog rescue. Sugar is a 3 year old Lab. She started out at the Richardson Animal Shelter where she was adopted the first time. Her owner lost employment and Sugar was surrendered to the Garland Animal Shelter.

She was adopted at the April adoption event from Garland Pawsibilities. The new owners already had a dog present in the house and difficulties arose. Without giving Sugar the time and patience that would have helped her adjust, they gave up on her right away and, sadly, she ended up back at Garland Animal Shelter.

Garland Pawsibilities was in touch with an animal rescue group called Smiling Dogs Farm and they agreed to take her into their sanctuary. However, shortly before she was to be transported to Smiling Dogs Farm, Sugar fortunately found her forever home!

Sugar was adopted by a knowledgeable dog owner who was committed to giving Sugar the time and patience that she needed. All reports by Sugar’s new owner, she is doing well and her future is now secure.

This is but one happy ending story from Garland Pawsibilities. They would like nothing more than to be able to report more success stories. The currently report a need for more volunteers in order to make this happen.

Garland Pawsibilities do not need foster homes, as they do not foster dogs. They work for the resident animals that have been surrendered to the Garland Animal Shelter. They take the adoptable dogs out on one Saturday a month to an adoption event. Their adoption events are held in various locations for the purpose of giving these animals more exposure to potential adopters.

They are requesting assistance in transporting dogs from the Garland Animal Shelter to the adoption event and back to the Garland Animal Shelter. With more volunteers, they will be able to hold more than one adoption event per month.

In addition to holding adoption events for the animals at Garland Animal Shelter, Garland Pawsibilities offer assistance and advice on successfully introducing a new dog into the home. Visit their website or contact them if you are interested in adopting an animal from Garland Animal Shelter, or if you are interested in volunteering to assist them in any way.

The current statistics from the Garland Animal Shelter regarding animal intake is approximately 12,000 per year. Approximately 65% are euthanized due to lack of space! Garland Pawsibilities races against the clock to get all adoptable animals some exposure in hopes that they will find their forever home before time runs out for them.

CORRECTION: Previous article on the Garland Pawsibilities Adoption Event reported that the Garland Animal Shelter only had 140 spaces for residents. The actual count is 102. There is currently no funding, nor plans for increasing the space.

Click here to visit the website that Garland Animal Shelter uses to list lost and adoptable dogs and cats.



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