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The story of Shane, the Walmart deli employee who torments his bosses

Notes written to Shane from Walmart management
Notes written to Shane from Walmart management
Reddit / Mandatory

Everyone has worked somewhere that has one of "those" employees, and apparently, Walmart's deli has theirs in Shane. Mandatory introduced many in the world to Shane on June 25, 2014, and he is someone that everyone needs to know more about. He's a deli worker at a Walmart that apparently likes to go out on his own and do his own thing, but management isn't always thrilled with that.

Shane is one of "those" employees and Walmart has him.
Reddit / Mandatory

The images of messages from Walmart management to Shane started being passed around Reddit, and they've just gotten a life of their own. Over on Reddit, a user by the name of Ardentleprechaun posted what is being called the "ballad of his coworker Shane."

It appears as if Shane works in the deli of his local Walmart and decides to go above and beyond to make life fun for his customers.

Unfortunately, management doesn't necessarily think so, and they let him know about it. Walmart management leaves notes on the message boards in the employee section out back, and they are incredibly and hilariously fantastic.

For instance:

"Shane, the Deli is not an appropriate setting to practice your ventriloquism, please stop making puppets out of the paper bags. - Management."

That is far from the most creative or unique methods that Shane has tried to get more customers to enjoy their Walmart experience. He's given free samples from the electronics department, put on multiple nametags and pretended to have a personality disorder, and made the fried chicken "Stoner Approved."

Apparently, the Walmart management does not see the humor or excitement that Shane has for his job, and want him to tone it down a bit.

They may soon change their tune when they see all of the attention that Shane is bringing to their store.