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The story of Sandy: her loyalty almost took her life

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Beautiful Sandy is very very lucky to still be alive. The Hart County Humane Society has her story on their Facebook page, and is looking for a home that will be loving and loyal to Sandy for the rest of her life. This dog has been through far too much already.

Someone abandoned this poor dog, but Sandy didn't know that they were never coming back for her. So she waited. And waited. And waited. She waited until she collapsed beside a creek bed.

Then she got what must have been her first lucky break in her life. Someone saw her laying there, and stopped to check on her. The Good Samaritan was trying to figure out what she could do for this poor pup, and Sandy got her second lucky break.

A veterinarian just happened to be driving by. I know, this is a strange coincidence, but perhaps this dog had been through so much that there were angels looking out for her.

Anyway, the vet took the dog to Royston Animal Hospital. She needed IV fluids and a blood transfusion, but she was able to recover.

Sandy is a Walker Hound mix who weighed only 28 pounds when she was found just a month ago. With love and care, she has gained 16 pounds already!

She needs a home that will not let her down. Can you provide that home? Please contact the Hart County Humane Society if you are interested in adopting Sandy.

And as for those who have ideas about abandoning an animal to fend for itself. Don't do it. Just don't do it. Ever!