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The story of Demon, a rescued Siberian Husky, and how he found love

Demon, formerly Emrys, was adopted from Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue. He met his forever family, and fell in love with his forever buddy Leah.
Demon, formerly Emrys, was adopted from Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue. He met his forever family, and fell in love with his forever buddy Leah.
Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue

This is the story of Demon. Demon was rescued by Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue and named Emrys (the magician Merlin's true name) as the rescue was told he was a master at escaping. After being fully vetted, he was placed into a foster home where he showed his ability to knock out screens from windows and perform other amazing feats of magic. The story below is his tale of love found, as told to us by his forever mom Ariel.

Demon courts Leah and finds his forever family
Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue and Coosa Riverkeeper

"You may have read our previous story about Leah. Briefly, my husband and I were interested in adopting 2 huskies from ASHR, but ended up at the time adopting only one. Her name is Leah, we love her very much, and between her and the people at ASHR, they inspired us to Foster and Volunteer for the rescue.


I had been browsing the ASHR website and looking at the other huskies available for adoption for a couple of weeks when I ran across a new addition. His name was Emrys. He looked so much like a male version of my Leah, except with two bright blue eyes and a super goofy long tongue! I immediately showed the pictures to my husband. He thought they would make a good pair. I sent off an email to the president of the rescue inquiring about him (there was no Bio up yet), and letting her know we were interested in him becoming our second adoptee. At the time she said he was originally an outside dog, and being so new to rescue needed to learn some basic indoor manners first. Slightly sad but understanding, I did not inquire again. Then I was browsing the ASHR Facebook page and saw a stunning red and white male. Brand new to rescue and young.

He was gorgeous to say the least. Not long afterwards, we set up an adoption meeting for the red and white male. The president had been telling us that he was shy and that he just may not be the best option. She then reminded me of Emrys. I just said I thought he needed to learn inside doggy manners ( in my mind thinking this is something that would take months), but she told us that he had made alot of progress in the house. I was excited so we set the adoption meeting for Emrys. I was a little sad to not meet that beautiful red and white, but it was probably a better choice, and I told myself that Emrys was my first choice.

Besides, I thought, just think of how great they will look together! The meeting was set up on a get together day for the rescue.

When we first saw Emrys, boy was he BIG! We were used to Leah who, at the time, was on the smaller side of a medium husky. He could've looked alot bigger to us in perspective than he really was. My husband took him and I took Leah and we walked together a bit, mingling with the rescue volunteers and fosters. I swear I heard someone say " look His and Her dogs! " I thought that was funny.

After walking a bit I looked over to find my husband, he wore a big smile plastered on his face. I could tell he was hooked. I walked back over to him and said 'well what do you think'? He knelt in front of Emrys, scratching his ears and smiling. He said 'I think he is a very smart boy'. Ladies, you know men aren't typically demonstrative so it was quite apparent that he was smitten with this big, goofy boy.

Brian's exclamation of 'OH MY I JUST LOVE HIM!' told me quickly that he wanted to take him home. Leah and Demon, well they rather quickly decided they were meant for one another.. They were playing bouncing around together like no one else existed! Oh, we had a time trying to keep the leashes untangled and keep ourselves upright! This went on for atleast 10 minutes and wouldn't have stopped if we didn't finally intervene, I'm sure. So the choice was made, or made for us.

***Author's Note: I witnessed this meeting and saw the humans and dogs all fall in love. Emrys loved Leah on sight. He bowed to her, rolled around on his back, and gave her his treat. We witnessed him courting her right there! It was fairly obvious that Brian also loved this big boy.***

We adopted Emrys, now Demon, named rightly after his loww playful growl, that day. Now, he and our 3 year old son are thick as thieves, he and Leah are inseparable, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We love both of our huskies, and are so glad ASHR brought them into our lives!

PS. The picture of them together is the actual picture of the day Demon was adopted."

A love story, as told to this author by Demon's forever mom. Don't you just love a happy ending?


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