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The Story of an Over-Eater

Never underestimate the power of story. We can spend our time buried in textbooks, cookbooks, self-help books, and surrounded by some of the greatest lecturers, doctors, nutritionists, in the world, but theoretical knowledge can only bring you so far. Our unique, individual relationships with food are profoundly deeper than any book or lecture could ever hope to reveal. Despite what we get told by the material modern world, it is often what’s invisible, what’s emotional, intuitive and deeply experienced that holds the key to our relationship with food. No amount of calorie counting or dieting can takes the place of some solid inquiry time and relating to the true inner you. In this same vein, I want to guide you towards this article by Marc David at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, as it feels so representative of the eating challenges that many of us face today, particularly women. Come take a look at the Story of an Over-Eater: