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The Storm MMA Results: UFC's Sean Sherk Interview

Sean Sherk Signs Autographs at The Storm
Sean Sherk Signs Autographs at The Storm


  • Jason Hicks 6 years ago

    Hey man... good article... just want to clarify one thing, my opponent, Jeff Tharington, came out to country music and overalls, and had on the rebel flag shorts. I, Jason Hicks, did not LOL. Just thought I'd clarify. Thanks.

  • Daris 6 years ago

    Lol. Thanks Jason. My computer died on me during the show. Finished it off via my phone. A bit more difficult. I'll make the change. Good work in the cage man.

  • Ken French 6 years ago

    For clarification, it is FFP - Fury Fight Promotions. And yes, I did say Shrek instead of Sherk. I apologized to Sean.
    Thanks for the article.

  • Travis McGruder 6 years ago

    The shorts are Tai shorts, I'm still in the Army, and I fought in Iraq. Thanks for the article though.

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