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The Stock Show Publicity Director Extraordinaire

In 2002 Shanna Weaver had left the American Paint Horse Association to look for a place where she could teach. This was her desire and her goal and no one was going stop her. And while looking for that teaching position she took a temporary assignment as the assistant to Delbert Bailey, the then Publicity Director for the Fort Worth Stock Show.

She already knew the ins and outs of the entire Will Rogers complex from being with the American Paint Horse Association. So getting around to all the various functions and people’s needs was a natural for her. Little did she know what she was being groomed to become.

As the Stock Show and Rodeo closed that year Delbert met with Shanna and proposed that she take his position since he was retiring. Considering her shock at such an announcement she could not imagine the Rodeo publicity functioning without him for after all he had been there over 33 years. He told her of that he knew of his decision earlier in the year and had been watching her very closely and even though there might be some things that she did not know as well she always had a smile whether it was five in the morning or ten at night. He felt she was the right candidate and he was going to say so to then-President W.R. Watt, Jr.

So beginning in 2003, this ever smiling face began on what she thought would be a test run and now 13 years later she has the position totally by the reins. She has moved from a degree at Oklahoma State University in Animal Science and Livestock Merchandising to the American Paint Horse Association and now into being one of the leading Publicity Directors of all of the rodeos in the country. She may have bypassed her teaching goal but she has absolutely landed into her calling.

In the last 13 years of the Fort Worth Rodeo what is the biggest change that you have seen she stated, ”It was unmistakably technology and social media.” Then she added “the Show has gone into a lot of technology and social media but it has never moved away from its dedication to the livestock industry.”

Shanna sees the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo moving further and further with technology along with whatever will be the new social media of the day. But she never sees giving up its roots or straying away from being the original indoor rodeo with the commitment to livestock of all kinds and especially those who raise and foster those ideas.

You may not always see Shanna in each and every event that takes place during the run of the Stock Show, but you can see evidence of her everywhere. From press releases to signs to working with the media to keeping the hundred and eighteen years of history of this legendary event alive and known worldwide, she is there every step of the way.

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