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The stink about poop

Did you know that in ideal conditions your poo has no smell and a specific shape?  While this seems a bit far-fetched, it is 100% true.  A normal, healthy poo is shaped like an "S", one solid piece, and a light brown color. There should be little remnants left to wipe, and it should have very little stink.  Some people may only defecate one time each day, but a very healthy diet allows defecation three times each day.  A diet high in fibrous, natural food leads to poo-tastic bowel movement.

What makes it smell/break off/change color? Fast-food, processed food (basically most of the food found in the inner isles at grocery stores), supplements, hemorrhoids, dehydration, etc., can affect solidity and color.

Stinky, stinky, stinky: Foods that have added chemicals, coloring, etc., and meat make your poo smell.

Green color: Most people notice green poo when it happens. If you have eaten a generous portion of green, leafy vegetables, taken too much iron, or eaten green colored candy, you can have a green surprise.

Bright red/dark red/black: Do not panic if this color occurs. Most often it is from foods such as cherries, beets, or other extremely red dishes. Too much Pepto Bismol and iron can make your poo black.  If only the outer portion of the fecal matter is red, it could signal a hemorrhoid.  If feces remains black it could be a stomach ulcer.

Let loose: Loose stool does not only mean you have diarrhea or a different form of illness. Loose stool can occur during a diet, when too much caffeine has been taken in, or when too much vitamin C, magnesium, or antibiotic overload occurs.

Floating high: If fecal matter floats, an excess amount of fat has been excreted in the poo.

The next time an urge hits you make sure to pay attention; it may be waste but it says a lot about what is happening within your body.