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The Stigma of mental illness and learning differently

For whatever reason we as a society are less accepting of mental issues with people as we are of physical issues we can see. Maybe it’s because we are visual creatures and we like to only accept the things we can see and touch. But personally I think that is a cop-out to justify some people’s flaws. And this does not explain religion which is faith based and all about believing in things you do not see or touch. This is an area of society that has to change, but we are so resistant to it, we spend more time trying to cure others, or hide them away because they make us uncomfortable.

One of the biggest annoyances to me as a fellow human is the ignorance of others towards our fellow humans, when some like to name call or label others to fit in categories to exempt themselves from having to care or do anything.

Case and point is in politics and in education, when we are debating the merits of a potential program or budget change. Often if there is mention to helping out “the less fortunate”, the ramblings of some who refer to these people as “lazy” is what is often heard echoing the halls of debate. For, how do they know? Do you know all people? Do you even know your own relatives that well and can call them lazy? Do they know you that well to call you that, or something else?

Are they lazy because they have a mental issue? Is a diabetic then lazy because they need insulin, I guess so, there pancreas is lazy, and it just doesn’t feel like making insulin.

Laziness is often a judgment to people’s mental issues, sometimes if someone is suffering from anxiety, or a related disorder they will be seen as lazy. Because they have trouble making decisions, they get overwhelmed by normal tasks. Because my son has autism and sometimes can do his writing, is that because he is really lazy? No, it’s because his brain is messing with him and it way more difficult then someone else whose brain is working just fine.

So does lazy even exist?

YES, it does, it exists where people have plenty and they are too lazy to share; it exists mostly in the minds of others that are capable of thinking, but choose not to. It exists where something is not that big of a deal to do, and yet you don’t do it…that is lazy…most people who have troubles though are not dealing with mild dislike.

Lazy by definition means: Disinclined (unwilling because of mild dislike, disapproval) to activity or exertion, not energetic or vigorous

Or perhaps the person making the accusation is the one who is lazy, they are the one who doesn’t even spend any time trying to understand why some people have to worse than others? They are fine with not helping anyone, and if you can place blame, then you don’t have to help.

Ironically behavior problems in children are often viewed with judgment, ridicule, and not empathy except by people that understand behavior. Those that do know that behavior is also part nature, it is symptomatic of something else going on, and this is why irritability is considered a symptom. People perhaps are not comfortable with the fact their body controls much of who they are, chemicals in our gut and in our brain is what determines how well behaved we are. If things are calm, and the right dosage of the “happy chemicals’ are floating around then we are happy. So perhaps some feel guilty or unworthy of what they have since, it is in part having good DNA, and good chemicals.

This is what we must keep in mind with kids in schools. They all learn differently and for many kids, their grades are just litmus tests. How well are they receiving the information, if the grades are poor, then they need to be taught a different way, they need more or less support in most cases.

Anyone who has truly worked hard, persisted through struggle, and kept going, knows that even if their DNA is partially responsible for their success, they know that is not the only reason it is there. They know because they think about it. The bottom line is to truly think about your judgments of others.

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