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The Stetson Bar
The Stetson Bar
Jolene Rodriguez

A country music venue located at the corner of Tezel Road and Silent Oaks on the Northwest side of San Antonio, The Stetson Bar frequently features the best of live music with reasonable prices and never a cover charge. On Saturday, February 1, 2014, The Stetson highlighted a San Antonio native, Chris Salinas & the Wildgrass Band.

With the bar’s circling lights twirling once again, Chris Salinas rocked The Stetson and poured his music into the heartfelt crowd, embossed with a fiddle sound and a soft moving blend of Texas country. The array of the band’s professionalism kept the crowd on the dance floor as the music captured the audience. The moment was insightful and the scenery divine.

Look for Chris Salinas at your next live music venue and don’t hesitate to visit The Stetson Bar this weekend as they support our musicians and bands.