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The Sterlings lead 1-0

Andrew Bernstein/Getty Images
Andrew Bernstein/Getty Images

You can say whatever you want about lawyers. The bloodthirsty tactics, their buzzard like opportunism, the charm of a used car salesman...well you get the idea. But every now and then you come across one who definitely earns the enormous retaining fee that can sometimes be commanded. This is clearly the case for Maxwell M. Blecher and his team, the legal representation that Donald and Shelley Sterling have recently hired. Shelley Sterling very quietly filed for divorce last week. No big deal, everyone saw that coming, but the timing may be just a little bit suspicious. Because as long as the Sterlings are in court, all of their assets, including the Clippers are frozen.

Absolutely Brilliant. And as a lot of people know, finalizing a divorce can take years, especially when you are dealing with the type of wealth that the Sterlings have. This makes it impossible for Adam Silver and the NBA to force the Sterlings to sell the team anytime soon. This has the potential to be a bare knuckles, turn off the lights bar room brawl between the Sterlings and the NBA. Now everyone knows that the NBA will, and the Sterlings will eventually be forced to sell. But unfortunately, by that time there probably will not be much of a team left. Which is perfectly fine for the folks in Seattle. We love Magic Johnson up here, and he will be more than welcomed. Just saying.