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The Steam Summer Sale is Here!

This is the steam logo
This is the steam logo
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This is the time for great PC game sales. Good Old Games launched their summer sale last week, and now, Steam has theirs! This is your change to purchase all the games you are wanting to play. Every summer digital distribution sites, have their huge summer sales. Every year it gets bigger. This is a great time to be a PC gamer. These sales change frequently so checking back in is recommended. Steam is also giving the user a change to vote on what they want to see on sale. Download steam and check it out!

So far Far Cry 3, X-Com, and Don't Starve are under $10. This is just a taste of many other popular games that will be on sale. Not only that, but many early access games are on sale, as well as, some great indie games. This will be one of the best sales of the year! If you are a PC gamer, this is the sale for you! Check back once a day, or multiple times a day, it does not matter. You will find a game that you like. These are some great games, at great prices. If you have not been able to play them yet, this is your chance! More will come throughout the day. This is just the start of a great summer sale! What are you waiting for?

The Steam Summer Sale starts today and will end on June 30. Be sure to keep coming back to see if your favorite game is on sale! That is plenty of time to grab the game you want to play. is still having their summer sale, so don't miss out on the two biggest deals in PC gaming!

What are your favorite games? What would you like to see on sale? Do you even like these sales? I would like to know!