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The stealth war and the illegal alien invasion

Illegal aliens storm the offices of Congressmen and Senators in Washington.
Illegal aliens storm the offices of Congressmen and Senators in Washington.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It is common knowledge in political circles that not only is Barack Obama committed to breaking U.S. immigration law but the Democratic Party as a whole shares in his lawlessness. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., stated she would travel to the southern border to "welcome" the multithousands of illegals who have stormed into this nation with no regard for our laws.

Although it is true that the Republican elitist leadership has done nothing to address a very real danger to the nation and its economic and social stability, at least the Republican Party still has enough conservative voices to scream bloody murder over this recklessness on the part of the U.S. government. While some Republicans have decried the crimes committed by our government regarding this issue, crickets chirp on the Democratic side of the aisle.

The massive invasion taking place at the southern border is a golden opportunity for bipartisanship as Democrats and Republicans join together to make sure the nation's immigration laws are enforced. But that opportunity is being squandered away. The Democrats need the votes of the illegals who will be naturalized. The elitist Republicans need to appease some in corporate America who insist they need the slave labor of illegals to keep their costs down. In the end we all lose. Democrats are creating chaos in order to keep their extremist agenda going for several more generations. The statistics show Democrats are losing their stronghold on traditional white Democratic voters, and thus, in order to win elections they need an entirely new pool of humanity to draw from. If they can pull this off -- this lawless, criminal, and outrageous ploy to get new voters by breaking their nation's laws, then they will dominate the entirety of the political structure for the next 50 to 75 years. And the Republican elitists are helping them do it.

Thus, here is where we stand so far. Illegal aliens gain entrance into the United States by using thousands of children as human shields. Many of these children have already brought deadly diseases into the country, such as drug-resistant TB, measles, dangerous parasitic disorders, scabies, chicken pox, staph infections, and deadly viruses that originate in the tropics. Obama is shipping these persons all over the country, and along with them come the diseases, many of which are contagious and deadly for adults.

For sure, the children are not to blame for this. But many of their parents, the drug cartels, and human traffickers, all of whom are coming across the border with the children, are squarely to blame. Yet nothing is being done about it by the government. It is as if the Democrats in particular are observing this despicable state of affairs with glee. They see voters, thousands of them, and in a few short years, hundreds of thousands of them. At least one major state has the most to lose in this sordid scheme -- Texas. At the current pace, Texas will be a red state that turned blue due solely to the influx of illegal aliens.

Several proposals have been offered as to how decent citizens who care for their country can address this problem. Some solutions are totally lacking in wisdom. Although their hearts of those who offer these proposals are in the right place, some of their ideas will result in our losing the "propaganda war" with collectivists who will blame us for "killing the children" and/or not allowing precious sick children into the country. Do they need to be deported? Of course they do. But the focus should be on the adults who are behind this dreadful state of affairs, and that number includes the president, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and others on both sides. This is not to mention the Mexican government that essentially declared war on America by sending in a helicopter that crossed the border into Arizona and fired shots are U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Again, even with the adults, a show of force by militia groups, although well intended, will backfire in the court of public opinion. Such a proposal, therefore, would be a major mistake. A prudent alternative would be for the states along the southern border to defy the Feds and Barack Obama by putting their National Guard troops at the border -- armed National Guard troops. The goal is to refuse to allow any more illegal aliens into the country, at gunpoint, if necessary.

Further, the border fence that was approved by Congress and was in the process of being built until the Democrats gained supermajorities in both Houses of Congress, is long overdue if it is done right. But work on the fence ceased when Democrats took control. The law was never repealed. Congress simply stopped enforcing it. But the fence needs to be built, all of it, except in areas where the topography makes it impossible. And it should be a fence with teeth, complete with a series of command structures nearby that can monitor every mile of the fence and quickly dispatch Guard troops to that area before anyone crosses the border illegally.

But frankly, it may be wishful thinking to believe that the government would actually keep its word, obey the law, and build the fence. Democrats will block it, and Republican elitists will oppose it. Thus, the citizens must take matters into their own hands. And the way to take matters into our own hands is to make the clean-up of the border fiasco a part of "the stealth war." Citizens have more power than they think. It's all in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. All that needs to be done is to embrace it and put it to prudent use.

This means going behind the scenes to implement the stealth war, which I proposed to deal with the tyranny of Obama and his collectivist machine among Democrats and some Republicans. We must use our heads. Outsmart them. Keep a very low profile. And then, under the cover of darkness and anonymity, set into motion a chain of events that will thwart the government leviathan, leaving him stuck in the mud.

The components of the stealth war are these -- defy, resist, evade, smuggle, and sabotage. The first four of these components are not my idea, but I fully embrace them. Gun rights blogger and citizen investigative reporter Mike Vanderboegh was the first to offer defy, resist, evade, and smuggle as the components of 4th generation warfare, a modern 21st century manner of conducting war that is far superior to the first through the third generations of warfare. But I felt that one more component was needed. Patriots needed something with teeth to actually stop the advance of tyranny. That something with teeth is sabotage, but a different kind of sabotage. Lives would be spared. No harm is done to anyone. We do not under any circumstance wish to harm innocent civilians. This type of sabotage focuses on stealth activity, such as incapacitating the tactics, equipment, and other tools of the leviathans. In this way we outsmart them.

It would seem that the only thing at this point that can solve the mammoth problem that is mounting at the southern border is to begin a direct attack using stealth tactics, but under the cover of darkness and anonymity. In this way innocent lives can be spared, no shots need to be fired at government troops or agents, and we can at the least make a significant dent in the leviathan's ability to continue to perpetrate lawlessness with regard to illegal aliens.

And remember, this fight is about much more than just receiving sick and contagious children into the United States at a time we can least afford it. We are practically bankrupted by debt. And as major a problem as the debt is, greater still is the gargantuan problem of drug cartels and human traffickers who are taking advantage of Obama's open borders to take their mayhem from Mexico and Central America, and bringing it right to the doorstep of American citizens. In short, if we do not stop this onslaught now, we are going to be hit with a crime wave very shortly that will make Chicago in the 1920s and 30s pale in comparison.

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