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The Stately Four Seasons Hotel Dublin

Tour the lovely Four Seasons Hotel Dublin with me.
Tour the lovely Four Seasons Hotel Dublin with me.
The Four Seasons Hotel Dublin

We arrived in Dublin very early, excited that our first stop was a comfortable bed at the Four Seasons Hotel Dublin. Sleeping on a plane is always difficult for me, but on this trip, I found it impossible. All the Advil PM in the world wouldn’t have helped and I was exhausted. My adrenaline was about to override my sleepiness, though, as my husband tried his hand at driving on the right side of the car on the wrong side of the road.


I shouldn’t have worried as David is good at everything (including driving), and we arrived very near to the hotel without a problem. The GPS (as usual) didn’t quite hit the mark, but soon we were rounding the corner to a stately hotel with lovely landscaping. The hotel is in a residential district surrounded by beautiful homes. The sun was just rising and the green land was becoming more vivid by the minute as we pulled up to the entry. A quiet front desk agent waited in the quiet lobby with a genuine greeting. Check-in took about a minute and we were soon shown to our deluxe suite.


I didn’t properly see the room until I awoke nearly five hours later, well into the afternoon, but rested. The bed was heaven. David and I toured our enormous room and admired the view into the courtyard while we planned the day. I did a double-take when I saw a man sleeping on a park bench in the garden. This just isn’t something you normally see at a luxury hotel! My husband laughed and pointed out that the newspaper over the man’s face didn’t move in the breeze – it was a statue. In Irish fashion, the statues that surround the hotel are ironic and a little irreverent. I wish we had more of that in our stuffy country!


Good news - Irish hotels usually include a full Irish breakfast in the room rate! Our first morning in Ireland, we were treated to a wonderful spread of potatoes, meat, yogurt and fruit. I felt pretty adventurous and tried black and white pudding, an Irish tradition. The food was so filling, we didn’t eat again until dinner on Grafton Street.


It is here that I normally talk about the spa, lounge and grounds. Unfortunately, our time was short and mostly spent in the spacious room and in Dublin. We did get the chance to take the hotel car service to town, driven by a wonderful gentleman who gave us a fantastic introduction to Dublin and general tour of the nearby embassies. I’m sorry to say the U.S. Embassy is an architectural embarrassment of epic proportions, so don’t get your hopes up in that regard.

Our driver took us to what he declared was the best shopping in Ireland on Grafton Street. He was spot on! The first place we stopped was a book shop. I am thrilled to be the only American I know who owns a copy of Marian Keyes’ book, The Mystery of Mercy Close, (besides my sis, who got it as a souvenir from us). It was thrilling to get a book in Ireland that is not yet available in the U.S! Other stores on this street include the famous European stores Brown Thomas and Top Shop. Our hard and fast rule – we don’t waste time in stores and restaurants we can visit at home. Vacation time is too short for that.


This hotel is perfect if you like a place with a residential feel, but still want to be close to city life. The beds are wonderful and the deluxe suites have a ton of space.

For more information on The Four Seasons Dublin or to book a stay, please visit their website.

Examiner’s Note: My appreciation goes out to Gillian de Lacy. You were my first contact in Dublin and set the warm tone for the trip. Thanks!

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