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The State over the Individual

This editorial will be a view of liberalism, and conservatism systemic beliefs. Furthermore, what these two divergent philosophies impede or promote.
The terms’ liberal, and conservative I believe are really talking points. The more accurate terms are socialism, and individualism.
These two philosophies can and do mutually exist in the economic system in the United States. The danger is when we believe that either viewpoint must dominate the economic landscape.
Historically, we learned that pure unadulterated individualism without regulation failed. The runaway corporate greed of the late nineteenth century gave rise to the term “Robber Barons.” These tycoons thought of their own welfare. The regulation of “Antitrust Laws” enacted not only protected the common good. By reestablished the most important tenant of capitalism competition.
Nineteen seventeen began the grand experiment with the establishment of the communist form of government in Russia. This form of centralized authority naturally fit well with the socialist economic system. This undiluted socialist system truly was the antitheses of the pure individualism.
The two philosophies socialism, and individualism, left undiluted did, and destined to fail.
These two divergent economic systems so polarized, and on opposite ends of the commercial spectrum. Each ideal impedes the same economic necessity competition.
Socialism and individualism seek to promote the same thing the common good. Both economic systems left unregulated overlooked one important fact the human condition.
The social welfare manipulated by the state with absolute power, as we know, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The historical footnote found in the tyrannical reign of Stalin over the Soviet Union, and the “Robber Barons” of the late nineteenth century. Both examples expose’ the human frailty of greed.
To believe that the state knows what is better for the common everyday person is a fool’s desire. That the individuals are not responsible for their own needs, but the state is, ends in slavery. The unbridled greed of the “Robber Barons” of the early twenty-first century or any century, leads to servitude, too.
As a business owner, I operate my business under this supreme rule. I treat other, as I would want to be treated. This phrase probably sound familiar; it should it is the golden rule utter two thousand years ago by Jesus Christ.
In closing, I ask should all of us not only be concerned with our own needs, but also the needs of others.

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