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The State of the Union

President Obama delivering the State of the Union Address
President Obama delivering the State of the Union Address

On January 27, 2010, the world listened to the State of the Union Address from President Obama. Far beyond the political aspects, beyond the analysis and beyond future election results is a critical question. What is the state of your union?

State of the union with Christ
Christ-followers are unified with Jesus Christ. This union begins the day Jesus is accepted as Savior. The union is one of redemption followed by commitment. Christ-followers become unified with Jesus because the penalty for sin was completely paid on Calvary. Commitment comes after the realization that each Christ-follower is saved from an eternity in hell. Once the magnitude of redemption is realized there has to come commitment to the union.

United with Christ
After teaching about baptism, Paul teaches this about unity with Jesus, “If we have been united with him like this in his death, we will certainly also be united with him in his resurrection.” (Romans 6:5 NIV) Christ-followers are united with Jesus symbolically in baptism. Even though this is symbolic in nature, it represents the union we have with Jesus. What is the state of that union? Paul is clear about our unity with Jesus.

Transformation from unity
The life of a Christ-follower is transformed. This transformation causes a reordering of priorities. The things that used to capture our attention just don’t seem to have the same allure. Having a transformed life is an indication of the state of the union with Christ. Certainly, struggles will continue. However, what kind of transformation exists? Have priorities changed? Have moral standards changed? Has personal character been altered? What kind of transformation has come from a healthy state of the union with Christ?

All Americans want the United States to be a leader in the world. We want a healthy economy, good jobs, and many other leading roles for our country. Christ-followers must have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. The issues may be different, yet the need for a strong union remains. A strong union with Jesus means more victory over sin. A strong union with Jesus means serving with gifts and talents. A strong union means spending time in prayer and reading God’s Word. The state of the union will be a strong personal indicator of what you can expect in personal spiritual growth.


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