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The state of Medical Marijuana

Many residents want to see medical marijuana improve its public perception
Many residents want to see medical marijuana improve its public perception

Lately, a lot of people are asking, 'What is the state of medical marijuana and in what direction is it going?'

The answer can come from many sources from dispensary owners to the patients to you, the Colorado resident. One view is that the medical marijuana industry is stabalizing as the number of new dispensaries is starting to slow. Infrastructure is being built and is starting to show in the form of consitent product and prices as well as a quicker response from the state's registry. Media coverage is also starting to slow and the seemingly endless news sources appear to be losing interest in the topic.

On several levels the biggest hurdle for medical marijuana is public perception. During the midterm elections in November the state of California voted down legislation to legalize marijuana for recreational use. In the mind of the voters marijuana is not as mainstream as some would hope. Medical Marijuana however does seem to being cleaning up its reputation as national news sources have reported on medical marijuana in a non-biased way. Perception will always live in the minds of the public and the minds of the public will most likely control the destiny of the medical marijuana industry.

In the last two years the medical marijuana industry has blossomed and although the future of the industry is unsure it surely will be interesting. The most important opinion is yours, so send me some input on where you think this industry is going.

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