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The state of elderly care in the United States

Elderly Care
Elderly Care

We’re all going to be elderly some day. Most of us will need someone to care for us. It would be nice to not suffer abuse when we do. So how do we achieve that goal as a society?

Many family members become full-time unpaid caretakers of the elderly by necessity. Stress and burnout can lead to elder abuse, including emotional, physical, and financial abuse. Caregivers should ask for help when they get overwhelmed and join a support group to avoid feeling alone in their frustration.

While 90% of elder abusers are family members, nursing homes are also riddled with abuse and neglect. Take the time to learn the warning signs so you can report abuse and neglect. Call and visit your elderly friends and family as often as you can. Check out this infographic for more signs of abuse and neglect. Share it with your friends to raise awareness.