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The state of amateur Dota

Dota 2
Dota 2

Dota’s community, like all competitive game communities, is separated into tiers. The highest is the pro scene, where the best the world has to offer play. After that there is a drop off to the semi-pro scene. These players have serious talent and some of them are even good enough to play in the pro scene but the difference is generally in seriousness of the teams they play for. Most of these players are in school or have day jobs and can’t commit to the game enough to get the consistency pros have. After the semi-pro scene everything falls into the abyss known as the amateur scene. Playing here is a desperate struggle to gain any sort of recognition and climb your way out of the pit.

The question is how do your get out of the amateur scene? The answers lie in the tools available. As an amateur team the first step is the familiarize yourself with the Dota 2 Reddit which is where a large portion of the community come to discuss events and the game itself. There are constant and countless amateur Dota events going on as casters, players, organizers and managers try to give themselves a name. The key is to be as professional as possible as the people running an event or tournament will only take you seriously if they feel you take yourself seriously as well. Getting your team together at specified teams is probably the most important thing your team can do.

Outside of casual events the JoinDota league is an excellent way for your team to compete and get a feel for how you stack up against the competition. If you can make your way out of the starter division you can possibly work your way into the semi-pro scene.

The reality of the semi-pro scene is that there is no line drawn in the sand to designate who is semi-pro and who is an amateur. It’s simply people’s perception, as tournament organizers want teams that can bring in viewership and those are the teams people want to watch. A great way to become a team people want to watch is to play in games that are casted and to stream ranked games yourselves. It’s all about building a name for yourselves and being a team people recognize.

Getting yourself into a position to play important games is crucial to success but succeeded on that stage is equally important. No matter how impressive your individual skill is, Dota will always be a team game and having synergy with your team is generally more important than your personal play. It’s important to continue to practice yourself in your free time but gaining a level of confidence with your team should always take precedence. Some great exercises are just to work on your communication and specify a play caller or in-game captain outside of your draft captain.

Essentially making your way out of the amateur community is all about differentiating yourself from the average player as until you distance yourself from the average player, no one will have any reason to take you seriously.

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