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The stars are really going to come out at MIFF 31

Last year the Miami International Film Festival pulled out all the stops to celebrate their 30th anniversary. It was arguably one of their best years ever. One might assume, after going so all out last year, that year 31 would be somewhat of a letdown. You know what they say about those who assume, because MIFF 31, which kicks off March 7 is shaping up to be one amazing year in its own right where almost 50 films will be making their premieres.

Miami International Film Festival
Miami International Film Festival

Having some of Hollywood's biggest stars drop in on MIFF is nothing new, but this year they must have rented a cargo plane because they are coming in droves. The opening night film is "Elsa & Fred" and the movie's stars, Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer, along with director Michael Redford, will be in attendance. We all know Mike Myers, but did you know he has directed his first film? It is called "Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon" and Mr. Myers will be in Miami to help celebrate his latest career achievement. If you are a fan of horror, Ti West will be coming to the film festival along with his newest terror, "The Sacrament". Andy Garcia is making another trip to South Florida it show his new movie, "Rob the Mob". He re-teams with his "City Island" director Raymond De Felitta. Another highlight to look forward to will have to be John Turturro receiving his lifetime achievement award along with screening his newest film, "Fading Gigolo."

Celebrities are great, but this is The Miami International Film Festival, so let's not forget the great films from countries around the world that will be shown throughout the 10-day period. Here is a quick list of other films to try to catch. "Brazilian Western", which will have the star, director and producer in attendance. From Sweden , "We are the Best". "15 Years + 1 Day" from Spain. Jessie Eisenberg is no stranger to making independent films and he stars in another one called "The Double" courtesy of the United Kingdom. Speaking of the UK, Tom Hiddleson and Tilda Swinton star in "Only Lovers Left Alive" directed by Jim Jarmusch. To get a full list of all the movies showing and events click HERE.

What would a film festival be without a few parties and events sprinkled in? After "Elsa & Fred" premieres at The Olympian it will be time to head on down to the historic Depont Building for the opening night party. MIFF really knows how to celebrate the opening and this year's party titled Patron 3-D Opening Night Party suggests it will be one for the ages. Besides the Turturro celebration, there are also some great Master Classes going on, including Producing in Florida and Beyond and also the chance to shoot your very own Super 8 film. Everything will wrap up with the Pyrat Gold: Awards Night Rum Party where patrons can enjoy great foods and drinks and see who takes home the festival awards. Click HERE to buy tickets to all these great events.

MIFF 31 is going to be anything but a letdown year. This year's film festival could very well be one for the record books! Putting all that aside, even though 2014 has been overall quite awful for new movies some truly great films will be playing all over the Miami area from March 7-16. You will not leave the theater disappointed.