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The Star Wars: The Welterweight Saga (*plus a look back at BKB debut)

Floyd: "You'll never find anybody else like me!"

Pacquiao looks to chop down upstart Chris Algieri in Macau, China.
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Ms. Jackson: "Um... That's the point?"

I would personally feel a whole lot better if Floyd could actually read back that very simple (and probably realistic) exchange between himself and his "Ex", because I was told he reads the articles I write about him.

Turns out he can't.

Another "ex" of the WBA/WBC welterweight and WBC super welterweight champion and universally recognized pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather, had the hottest below the belt punchline yet in their public free-of-charge beef. Apparently Floyd (his uh "own boss"), really can't read Harry Potter books or the contracts he actually signs.

New York's Power 105 radio had a field day with Floyd's little yellow bus reading ability (<--click on it, it was tough to listen to). And despite his penchant for bragging, arrogance, contradiction and general annoyance, I feel the need to come to his "defense". 'The Greatest', Muhammad Ali, also struggled greatly with dyslexia , but that never stopped him from solving the most difficult level of opposition in the history of the sport.

No one "reads" an opponents' offense [defensively] as brilliantly as Floyd does today - or over the course of his illustrious career - in maybe the history of the sport. Though he didn't quite seem the enigma he's always been against Marcos Maidana, no one studies harder or prepares more for a test than Mayweather does on exam night in the ring.

But is he closer to failing one more than ever? Damn right he is.

Like his name would suggest, the forecast of the 147lb division looks warm and fuzzy, with some of its brightest stars in poised to engage in potentially epic wars.


I don't believe the Maidana fight was an aberration, and I still don't like his decision to deny Maidana his own choice of gloves. Why wouldn't the so-called world's best attempt to beat "Chino" at his best?

Because he needs every conceivable break he can get and he knows it.

Mayweather showed a little less elasticity and flexibility, a slight loss of reflexes and mobility, and even less of an inclination to let his hands go. Assuming he beats Maidana (and I'm not so sure he will), he'll only have 2 fights in his soon-to-be 38 year old body left, and we have to assume they'll be blockbusters. He does take excellent care of himself, but his 2014 calendar will include 24 rounds (if he does beat Maidana, we know its by points) of assault from a premium puncher.

He said he has a "surprise" for us in May 2015. Ok. But if he does, this only leaves 3 acceptable scenarios which could possibly shock the hell out of all of us. He'll either have a rematch with a resurgent Miguel Cotto, finally face Manny Pacquiao, or give us an improbable encounter with Gennady "GGG" Golovkin.

Did you read that Floyd? Spell it out for us dawg, we'll give you a few minutes.


Pacquiao's methodical dismantling of Timothy Bradley grossed him a cool $20 million to add to the over $300 million or so he's earned in ridiculously successful career. The problem is there's still people from the IRS and the Philippine tax authority hanging out in his backyard with raised glasses and stupid grins on their faces.

Enter Chris Algieri.

Think Chris has a real shot at beating Pacquiao and isn't going to get his ass beat? Think again. Though most of his problems are fast coming to a resolution in that area, Pacquiao simply can't afford to lose a colossal amount of money for any slip-ups against Algieri - so don't expect one. In fact, he'll stop the lanky Long Island overachiever in spectacular fashion to perhaps set up a fight we'll probably want to see in May 2015.

That one. Finally.


Bradley found himself in a huge bind after beating Pacquiao in a fight we all know he didn't win, only to re-emerge and gain favor in surviving a real cliffhanger against Ruslan Provodnikov in a fight that did way more for Provodnikov than him. Then, he thought he was the sh*t after beating Juan Manuel Marquez (um, he wasn't) in a fight none of us want to rewind. So after comprehensively losing to Pacquiao this past spring, what does the now title-less Bradley do to himself back in mega mix?

A rematch with Provodnikov.

Its not only a guaranteed action fight for HBO, but the loser wouldn't really be a loser.


Marquez deliberately priced himself out of Pacquiao V, and he did it for good reason: his trainer Nacho Berastain doesn't think he'd beat him. There is no way he could possibly eclipse his last performance against his arch nemesis, and judging by his last fight (a bar room gunfight with Mike Alvarado), Marquez is almost out of bullets. Though victorious, that fight took a lot out of Marquez and will show up in his next fight. If Mayweather still chooses to avoid Pacquiao, I believe the urge to get a historic 4th world title would be too much to resist for Marquez to avoid a 5th encounter with Pacquiao. How would he try to set that fight up? I can see HBO pairing him with tough guy Brandon Rios , which is no gimme and would push him even closer to the edge.


"Chino" can't really do any wrong in a few weeks, because he's in a situation that's really totally win-win. I think at best he beats Mayweather. ​The worst he can do is lose by a clear UD, which will be no disgrace when you're facing the best in the sport. Maidana is now a bona-fide "A" lister with numbing power in both fists as both Floyd and the moronic Adrien Broner can attest to. Win or lose, he's a still a major player in the division in 2015 .


Prior to snatching Shawn Porter's IBF belt last week in a matador-like exhibition of world class boxing, he probably felt like he was in line at the DMV countless times only to be denied a license after meeting all the requirements. He'd won title eliminators and was always next in line, only to be passed over like the anonymous hot chick in favor of a more popular hottie.

Surely he deserved a shot at Pacquiao when the Filipino icon was bludgeoning Antonio Margarito in November 2010. But this was during the time when Manny and Floyd were involved in a huge "Hey- top this!" pissing contest. Actually they're not really done with that, but anyway...

All Brook has to do now is successfully defend his title on Dec. 6 to secure a mega-fight with Amir Khan in May 2015.


There's no way that Dec. 6 fight is against Keith Thurman, who is too risky and too low-profile to cost him and Khan a mega payday for UK bragging rights.

Keith resides in a sort of purgatory - he's just too young and dangerous and has too much potential to just f*ck things up at the top. Although a crowd-pleasing fighter, he hasn't beaten anyone to set the masses on fire. All of which means he'll probably be beating the living sh*t out of say Andre Berto this fall. That's not his fault, but then again, life isn't fair.


I actually watched Jack Dempsey's historic "long count" fight with Gene Tunney right before Porter went out and got Tunney'd by Kell Brook. Porter's bull in a china shop game didn't break anything in Kell's place - which is what he turned the ring into. Porter still has a future and plenty of room for improvement, and I had an interesting thought after watching his performance and the BKB title bout between Gabriel Rosado and Brian Vera last week.

Since those fights wouldn't count on Boxrec, Porter and his camp might want to look at getting into BKB. His game is perfect for it. Besides being the quickest route for him to possibly become a champion again, he could pick up some serious change in against say Lucas Matthysse.


I could see Guerrero in a number of scenarios. For the hell of it I popped on his fight with Yoshihiro Kamegai while writing this article, and it was a damn good fight. Maybe he gets Amir Khan late this year, or perhaps this is the route that Keith Thurman would go. Even a Juan Manuel Marquez match-up isn't out of the question. Stylistically, all of those are great fights. We just don't want to see him with Devon Alexander. Really we don't wanna see Alexander with anybody.

Oh and.. About BKB

Speaking of BKB, special shout out to my man Darnell Jiles who came up a little short in his title bid last week. Keep training and working hard my man, only good things can come of it. I don't know yet what to think of BKB entirely. The only way to really know would be to see lets say Guillermo Rigondeaux against Leo Santa Cruz in that confined space.

In a regular boxing ring, we know a good boxer should always beat great brawler. But I'm not so sure that would apply in BKB. Until then- the jury is still out.

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