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‘The Stand’ reboot gets 3rd director in 6 months

Josh Boone is the third director attached to the reboot of 'The Stand' in 6 months.
Josh Boone is the third director attached to the reboot of 'The Stand' in 6 months.

Josh Boone, director of the little-seen “Stuck in Love” and the upcoming “The Fault in Our Stars” will replace Scott Cooper (“Crazy Heart”) as director of Warner Bros.’ planned reboot of Stephen King’s “The Stand,” according to Deadline Hollywood. Cooper was brought in to replace Ben Affleck, who had been previously announced to direct the project.

Boone, who will also rewrite the script for “The Stand,” is the third director to be attached to the project in the past six months.

King’s 1978 novel, a favorite among his many fans, is a long, sweeping science fiction/fantasy epic depicting an apocalyptic epidemic caused by the accidental release of a biological weapon which kills most of the world’s population, and the ensuing struggle for survival among the few survivors. The novel’s length and sprawling narrative stymied various efforts to adapt “The Stand” as a feature film. At one point, George A. Romero was announced as director of a feature adaptation, which didn’t happen. Reportedly, Romero and King were exploring the possibility of using an extensive miniature cityscape of Las Vegas created for Francis Coppola’s “One from the Heart” to achieve the novel’s descriptions of that city deserted.

In 1994 King specialist Mick Garris brought the novel to the small screen as a four part miniseries, with a teleplay written by King himself. Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Jamey Sheridan, Rob Lowe, Laura San Giacomo, Miguel Ferrer, Ruby Dee, Bill Fagerbakke, Ray Walston, Ossie Davis, Adam Storke, Corin Nemec and Matt Frewer starred. Kathy Bates and Ed Harris appeared in uncredited cameos.

Even with the amount of time allowed by ABC, changes, abridgements and cuts were necessary. Whether the novel can withstand being compressed into a manageable feature film length remains an open question.