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The Stand: Hardcases issue 3

Book Cover

After the intense events of the last issue, we get something of a breather. The focus turns to Abigail's camp as they start to tackle the task of rebuilding society as their numbers continue to grow.

Their first priority is to create a functioning government, but they are aware that the threat of Flagg looms over them and some discussion is had as to how to deal with his forces.

It's fascinating how the main characters got first dibs to the positions of authority. I understand it to an extent, and some of them are logical picks, but it's just amusing how that worked out.

It's not all filler, though. There is some plot advancement as the seeds of Harold's heel turn are laid. He's not the only potential threat as Nadine arrives and receives a less than warm welcome from Abigail.

The comic couldn't decide how Nadine should react to this. In one panel, Nadine is glaring at Abigail with the Kubrick stare, the next she has a befuddled look as if she is unsure of why Abigail is being so cold. The narration says that Nadine knows that Abigail knows, but the artwork suggests differently, it was very bizarre.

Speaking of, some of the artwork here seemed off. By and large, it was up to the usual quality, but some of the close ups of characters' faces just looked off. It happens.

The issue is lighter and softer, but it flows smoothly enough and it acts as a nice counter-balance to the issue that came before it. The plot moves forward and we get some insight into more than a few characters. All in all, it's another solid issue in the series.

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