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The stability of generational and other cultures

The first thing we think of when we hear the word "culture" or "multicultural" is typically race, religion, or nationality. The reality is that every of us is a complex combination of more than a dozen cultures working together to form the content of our individual character.

Generational and other cultures are very stable.
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A culture is any group of people that have a shared life’s experience. The experience must be significant enough that multiple people within the same demographic will develop a paradigm through which they view situations and react to those situations. For the most part cultural distinctions tend to be a positive nature and understanding those distinctions is a benefit to managing a multicultural workplace.

The most prevalent of the cultural distinctions are obviously race, ethnicity, gender and age. No one will dispute that men and women think and react differently to situations. Likewise, baby boomers and generation X react and think differently. Their paradigms have been influenced by the experiences of their gender and age.

We can breakdown the elements that make up the content of one’s character into three areas: 1) the elements from our birth, 2) the experiences of our personal life and 3) our professional life’s experiences.

When we learn the predominant characteristics of the culture we can better understand members of that culture. The good news is that once you learn information about a culture it is doubtful the information will change.

As Jeff Brezos, founder of, says, "Cultures, for better or worse, are very stable."

The people at has compiled a wealth of information to help understand the complexities of the content of one’s character. Fortunately this information is available on their website at no charge and is a critical tool for managers seeking to make team members feel comfortable in today’s multicultural workplace.

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